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Nominated Person Under The Mental Health Act 2014

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  • Wednesday, 29 October 2014 08:45
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A new feature of the 2014 Victorian Mental Health Act is the inclusion of an individual known as a Nominated Person. Their role is to assist in providing support for the patient and also to protect their interests. In addition, the Nominated Person may help the patient in exercising their rights. They can also help communicate the views and preferences of the patient with regard to their treatment and recovery plans.

A Nominated Person will be provided with information throughout the patient's treatment and recovery. They will also be advised if there is a Mental Health Tribunal hearing to take place.

What Are Advance Statements

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  • Wednesday, 29 October 2014 08:29
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Advance Statements are documents that have always been available to mental health patients. However, with the advent of the new Mental Health Act in Victoria in 2014, it is worth revisiting these documents and changes that may affect you.

An Advance Statement is a document, completed by a person with mental health issues, that lists information about them and their desires for treatment in the event that they become an involuntary patient under the Mental Health Act.

The document provides information about the persons General Practitioner, Mental Health Worker, Psychiatrist and or Psychologist and any other workers or medical people they may refer to for their disorder or illness.  The document also provides information about other people involved in the persons recovery such as carers and family members.  It also sets out the contact details of anyone and their relationship to the person who have to be contacted if they are placed on an Order under the Act.

What Is Mental Health First Aid

Just about everyone is familiar with First Aid and terms like CPR. This is essential knowledge for many people in the workplace where they may be in a position to care for a colleague, client or customer. First aid, delivered properly, can save lives, which is why such a level of importance is placed on this knowledge.

That's all very well for physical health, but what about people's mental health? One in five people in Australia suffer from a mental illness every year. That is just a statistic of course, so let's put it in perspective. If you have a workplace that employs twenty people, then four of them are likely to suffer a mental health issue in any one year. This could be a very common mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. However people you come in contact with may have more chronic issues such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Knowing how to deal with these issues from a mental health first aid perspective can be very helpful.

Wedderburn Mental Health Group

The Wedderburn Mental Health Group is starting up once again and will be auspiced by the Wedderburn Community House.

Mental Health is an very important issue in any community and assisting people understand more about this can improve the level of people's health and wellbeing overall. The House is particularly pleased to be involved in this initiative and able to assist with the group's formation.

Victorian Mental Health Review Board

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  • Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:56
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The Mental Health Review Board is a statutory authority in Victoria established under the Mental Health Act.

On occasion, people within the community who are having problems with their mental health may be admitted to a psychiatric facility in a capacity known as an "involuntary patient". This happens when it is considered that the person is a potential danger to themselves, the community or both and they are not co-operative in helping themselves get well. People being treated as involuntary patients do not have the ability to make decisions about their treatment. Their treatment is decided upon by doctors and psychiatrists who are treating the person.

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