The Loddon Shire Healthy Minds Committee launched their new website today. The site is intended to provide general information on mental illnees and mental health contacts for residents of the Shire.

In the past, the Healthy Minds Committee has put out a fridge magnet which provided a number of contacts for people seeking information. It was found that many of these contacts became out of date as phone numbers changed and organizations ceased to exist. The launching of the website will provide a dynamic means of keeping this information up to date.


The site provides an overview of a number of mental health conditions with links at the bottom of each page to further information.  There is also an extensive list of contacts of all types in the mental health sector where residents can obtain information.

The site is still in the development phase and the committee is keen to hear ideas from residents and other interested parties about how the site could be improved.  If you have some feedback about the site, please don't hesitate to express your ideas via the Contact Page.