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Psychosocial Recovery Services

Psychosocial Recovery Services

From 1 July 2019, the way psychosocial support services are delivered across Australia has changed. As part of this change, participants of the Partners in Recovery, Personal Helpers and Mentors Service and
Day to Day Living programs which ended on 30 June 2019, are receiving their support though the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or PHN (Primary Health Network) funded psychosocial supports.

 What are psychosocial supports?

Psychosocial supports are services that work in partnership with individuals who are not more appropriately supported through the NDIS and are significantly affected by severe mental illness.
This includes supporting people with:
• developing social skills and friendships
• building family relationships
• managing money
• finding and looking after a home
• developing work goals
• improving educational skills
• staying physically well, including with exercise
• support with drug, alcohol and smoking issues
• building broader life skills including confidence
and resilience.

Psychosocial Recovery Services eligibility

You may be eligible for Murray PHN-funded psychosocial supports if you:
• have a severe mental illness and are not currently receiving supports through an existing program
• were accessing services from Partners in Recovery, Personal Helpers and Mentors Service and Day to Day Living programs as at 30 June 2019
• are ineligible for the NDIS or do not yet have an NDIS eligibility decision or plan

How to access Psychosocial Recovery

If you were a participant of a previous program that ended on 30 June 2019, you should talk to your support worker or contact the service which provided you support.
If you are not receiving support through these programs you may contact one of the new psychosocial recovery providers which are funded by Murray PHN.
For more information visit https://www.murrayphn.org.au/prs

Member Organisations

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