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Depression - The Black Dog

Depression is often referred to as "The Black Dog". According to Wikipedia, the term "The Black Dog" was first used by the English writer Samuel Johnson. It was then popularised by Sir Winston Churchill who also used the term to describe his own depression. As a result the term "The Black Dog" is in common use today to describe depression.

But what exactly is depression? It can be so different for so many people and sometimes words are not enough to describe the feelings, or lack therof, that are involved. A video might be easier to understand.

The following video which has been published by the World Health Organisation is an excellent depiction of what the Black Dog can be to so many people who have depression.  Have a look at the video and if you think that you could be affected, then you can do the Self Test for Depression published by the Black Dog Institute. Depending on your score, you can follow the advice at the bottom but if you are still unsure, then by all means consult your GP.


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